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Caring Company 2018/2021




KAI’s origin is in the biggest city for blades with an 800 year history, Seki City located in Gifu Prefecture, where the company started as a small workshop producing folding knives. The corporate philosophy of KAI is "Better products for more people." Outstanding craftsmanship and the spirit of traditional blacksmiths; producing tools that are closely related to, and rooted in daily living; improvement of production technology and aggressive effort for advancement. This is the essence of our company.
The year 2019 marks KAI Group’s 111th anniversary. Since our foundation in 1908, with the patronage of many customers using our products, the Company is currently developing as many as 10,000 product items in Japan and various places around the world ranging from home goods such as kitchen products, confectionary items and beauty care products, to medical products and business-use blades.