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If you have ever used Fueki Paste (フエキ糊) at art classes when you were a child, I believe that you may have some fuzzy memories about that yellow puppy head glue bottle. You might not be able to memorize the name of the brand as you were still young, but you can always recall all those happy old memories whenever you see the classic yellow paste bottle. A red newsboy cap, a pair of big watery eyes, a cute yellow puppy face… all of these are the characteristics of Fueki-kun (フエキくん). Fueki-kun first appeared as a series of animal pastes in 1975, it is the mascot of Fueki (フエキ) which is a famous Japanese corporate with a history of over 130 years. Fueki has been well-known for manufacturing Safe & Eco-friendly paste which is 100% made from corn. The paste has a red newsboy cap as a paste bottle cap and a big yellow puppy head as a bottle, it is so cute that it has instantly become a shining icon of paste industry. In addition to Japan, Fueki paste is widely used in many Asia and Europe regions and has been used by tens of millions of people to date. In Hong Kong, more than 85% of kindergartens and schools use Fueki paste for teaching purposes. Fueki paste is widely loved by parents and educational circles due to its completely non-toxic and environmentally-friendly features, it also brings children a lot of fun in learning and creative thinking, and children are deeply attracted by the cuteness of Fueki-kun. Due to the fame of Fueki-kun, a series of Fueki-kun stationery products was created and has become the hot items in the stationery industry. From glue sticks, ball pens, stickers, folders to post-it memos, we can always find this cute little Fueki-kun, Fueki-kun has witnessed and accompanied children to grow up happily from generation to generation. In 2008, Fueki set their foot in the cosmetics beauty industry from the stationery industry. Based on the concept of Fueki-kun paste bottle, Fueki developed a brand new series of skincare products. Fueki used the classic bottle again, but this time it is no longer paste but moisture cream in it. The moisture cream uses highly effective moisturizing ingredients such as Horse Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It is 100% Made in Japan, Fragrance free & Dye free which makes people feel safe to use. With all these features and the nostalgic but fun classic yellow bottle, Fueki Moisture Cream has been very popular among girls and has become a hot-selling skincare product. In order to meet different skin care needs, Fueki has launched different color items such as cleansers, lotions, lip balms, hand creams and masks. Every product is unique and has different skin care effects, the whole collection is so colorful and cute that no one can resist them, Kawaii ~! It is already 45 years since Fueki-kun was born, Fueki have been seeking breakthroughs and development in many aspects for all these years. Besides stationery and beauty industries, Fueki is now actively expanding the licensing business, it has been holding different events and collaborating with different brands to create crossover items. With all these new designs and styles, Fueki-kun hopes to bring joy and happiness to all the people. In the future, Fueki will continue to get closer to everyone's life through different products and activities so that it lives up to the motto of Fueki: "Fueki - Always be with you!"