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Cacao Sampaka

Freshmart, Dining
Location Shop 2, B2/F
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Founded in 1999, as part of the Group Nederland, leader in import of cocoa beans since 1920. Cacao Sampaka pays tribute to the precursor civilizations of the cocoa culture, taking inspiration for the design of these collections from a 9th Century Mayan mural from Cacaxtla and a 16th Century engraving taken from the Book of Chilam Balam that represent cocoa trees as they were known in those days. These trees were the origin of the different varieties that eventually spread around the rest of the world.
Cacao Sampaka was created to propagate the culture of cocoa, to revive chocolate tasting as a social costume and to convey our passion for this legendary food of the gods. We handcraft it from start to finish, from the selection of the cocoa beans to the presentation of the product. We use real chocolate with no preservatives or colouring to create an evocative language of shapes and flavour. We have redesigned the concept of top-quality chocolate tasting to provide unique experiences.

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