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Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen

Location Shop 22, 5/F
Phone 2831 8601
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Drawing inspiration from a typical British tradition of clubs and private circles, especially in universities and sports, Kent and Curwen perfectly fits the global millennial’s tribe lifestyle codes and attitudes: a relaxed but refined dressing style, with instantly recognizable elements.
In the late 1920’s, Eric Kent, through his friendship with the Duke of Windsor, met many of the Hollywood stars of the day. Kent & Curwen was becoming known for its high class sporting attire which Eric often wore mixed with more formal items of clothing. This British sporting aesthetic became popular with visiting actors and when the Hollywood Cricket club was formed in 1932, it was to Kent & Curwen that the founders turned for the club’s cricketing attire. In many ways one could argue that this cross-over of sports clothing into the fashionable circles of the day was the birth of what is today called 'sportswear'.

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