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Caring Company 2018/2021


Marjorie Bertagne Skin Fitness Institute

BERTAGNE Beauty Labs

Beauty Salon
Location Shop BERTAGNE Beauty Labs, 14/F
Phone 2831 4868
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Since 2001’s development, Marjorie Bertagne has embarked on a new brand identity in 2015 and is now known as BERTAGNE to translate a more confident message to younger market. Shops are called as BERTAGNE Beauty Labs.
The beauty concept of BERTAGNE: the use of cutting edge bio-technology to rejuvenate youthful skin. BERTAGNE skincare products use the magical effect of GG hEGF, a fruitful research outcome from the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine of EGF, to regenerate the growth of skin cells, delay the aging process and maintain the totality of skin complexion.
BERTAGNE uses state-of-the-art technology and intensive programme design perfectly repairs all types of skin problems, hence you are being pampered with professional and luxurious treatment including patented LPG’s Endermolift, Lipomassage, patented HIFU, MediPro RF, Thermage Laser, RF Pro Tri-Hexa Polar, Nd:Yag Laser etc.

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