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International Luxury, Beauty
Location Shop 33, G/F
Phone 2833-2411
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In 1954, Mr Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the Founder of CLARINS, opened his first CLARINS Institute in Paris with the belief that well-being and happiness were inextricably linked to beauty. He invented the first face and body oil with 100% pure plants extract in the world, which created the revolutionary concept of caring your skin with plant. Every CLARINS product is formulated to meet a genuine need. It is also based on the latest scientific innovations and owes its effectiveness to plant extracts. These are why millions of women love and trust CLARINS, leading CLARINS to be the top-selling luxury skin care brand in France for years. At the heart of CLARINS expertise is a cocktail of natural botanicals, because plants and herbs contain the most effective yet gentle skin-rebalancing properties. Today, CLARINS uses more than 250 natural plants extract whilst actively protecting biodiversity. With also the mind of pioneering innovation, formulas that are constantly reinvented, bestsellers that stand the test of time, CLARINS has made bold innovation its signature.

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