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Bed & Bath, Travel, Health Care Products
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The study of Anthroposophy is at the basis of Argital work, and it reflects how Argital takes care of Men and Nature. Moreover the company invests in research and development, in collaboration with prestigious Italian universities to produce high quality and innovative skin beauty products.  
Argital founded in Milan in 1976 & moved to Sicily in 2005, with the aim of studying the properties of the green clay and formulating natural cosmetics, has been being the market leader since early 90s. in the production of natural green clay-based cosmetics without preservatives, perfumes and other synthetic substances. 
In addition, Argital is situated in front of the Mediterranean Sea which is such a sunny, breezy and clean location. It is close to the pit from which a very rich green clay to be excavated.
For the marine green clay, Argital uses exclusively natural ingredients, certified organic, Demeter or spontaneous. The fragrances of Argital products all come from infusions of pure essential oils blended with herbal extracts.

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