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Sugi Bee Garden

Freshmart, Dining
Location Shop 41, B2/F
Phone 2831 8819
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Sugi Bee Garden was started in Kumamoto, a prefecture in Kyushu, in 1946, more than 60 years ago.
The founder, Takeo Sugi, started apiculture with only 3 beehive boxes.
He thought that he could harvest the best honey in Japan if he conducted apiculture in Kumamoto, which has a warm climate, and flowers bloom throughout the year. And he set his mind on producing products of high quality which satisfy customers. Through trial and error, he developed the persuasive methods from beekeeping to collecting honey.
The founder’s vision has been passed on to the current beekeepers, and we now collect honey in the northeast areas, Akita and Hokkaido, as well.
Furthermore, we have been conducting global corporate activities, developing relations with overseas beekeepers who share the concepts.
Since 1980, we rent our beehive boxes to the regional farmers who grow watermelons, which are one of Kumamoto’s specialties, for pollination by honeybees.
Also, we deepen our cooperation with the regional farmers by providing rice farmers with seeds of Chinese milk vetch for soil improvement.

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