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Freshmart, Dining
Location Shop 5, B2/F
Phone 2831 8807
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DALLOYAU, known as the “Inventor of French taste since 1682”, has won the affection of Louis XIV and dazzled customers for over 300 years, and resonated with generations of French families. This royal culinary heritage acclaims French gastronomy house is famed for preserving tradition whilst pursuing innovation.
Since 2014, DALLOYAU has brought a unique legacy of 30,000 recipes to Hong Kong for the discerning diners, and constantly pursuing excellence and unrivaled integrated culinary expertise.
Culinary expertise:
Revolutionary Opéra Cake which originally created by DALLOYAU in 1955. All flavours can be tasted in a perfect balance among the 8-layers. DALLOYAU has continuously created new flavours with luxurious ingredients including black truffle and cognac. Our 16 kinds of macarons are made with unique secret recipe and traditional French craftsmanship. The addition of our homemade almond paste and 100% natural colourings, our macarons has an exclusive and irreplaceable taste. Our 20 kinds of chocolate bonbons are all imported directly from France. Infused milk to dark chocolates that bear intense and natural flavours made from traditional French technique.

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