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Caring Company 2018/2021


Legend Walker

Bed & Bath, Travel, Health Care Products
Location Shop 14, 9/F
Phone 2831 3986
SOGO VISA Platinum Card 5% Cash Rebate (Details)
42,255 27
LEGEND WALKER has an impeccable Japanese pedigree that holds an unparalleled vision and mission, determines to innovate different extraordinary and unique luggage all over the world.
LEGEND WALKER products won the Reddot Design Award 2015 with 4,928 innovative entries from 56 countries. The said two winner series equip with Travel meter and SSC Stopper system respectively, they have measured Legend Walker successfully against the best in the industry, and also the most international product honour, it has been reported by the press media and TV broadcast in Japan.
Besides, the innovative and remarkable Human-Based design earns a lot of different kinds of designing patents. Distinct them from others prevalence suitcase.
Meanwhile, the quickly rising Japanese luggage brand of M+M, has also been launched at SOGO. Instilling air of trendy into the graceful design, it's a best choice for the fashion-oriented people to show their personal characters.
Combining the finest and stylish design, technology and considerate functions, LEGEND WALKER and M+M, the new-generation Japanese luggage brand, has redefined the meaning of luggage.

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