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Bed & Bath, Travel, Health Care Products
Location Shop 11, 9/F
Phone 2831 8591
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17,973 11
Hedgren is a brand of highly functional causal bags and travel gear for anytime and anywhere. Their quality is exceptional, putting forward generations of impeccable craftsmanship. These design-driven bags encapsulate the heart and soul of its creator, Xavier Kegels. Hedgren was created in 1993 by Xavier Kegels, the renowned designer who is also known for his designs for kipling and Laurent David. Xavier combined his pioneering spirit, his Swedish-Belgian roots and a passion for Japan into the creation of the Hedgren brand. The name Hedgren was taken from Xavier Kegels’ beloved grandmother, Elisabeth Hedgren. Her spirit of adventure, passion and perfectionism, passed on via his DNA, make Hedgren the brand it is today. Hedgren started as an outdoor brand back in the early 90s with the Great American, which is still one of the brand’s best-selling Collections. Hedgren brand has evolved around three separate ranges: Female, casual and Business.

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