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La Femme Prada Intense and L’Homme Prada Intense
Prada fragrances are born out of olfactory investigations, and the starting point for La Femme Prada Intense and L’Homme Prada Intense was the idea of taking Prada’s longstanding obsession with gender and placing it under a magnifying glass of perfumery.
By zooming into the very essence of male and female identity, the resulting fragrances reveal heightened realities, greater complexities, and increased fluidity from within the olfactory experience.
High quality ingredients are stripped back, added to, multiplied, remixed, or simply scrutinized in new ways, yielding combinations of notes that further accentuate the endless facets of the Prada woman and man in one intense version – defined only by its uniqueness.
L’Homme Prada Intense EDP $675/50ml; $925/100ml
La Femme Prada Intense EDP $725/35ml; $1,000/50ml; $1,420/100ml