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Dior One Essential
Who has never dreamed of a skincare that offers a daily reset to the skin’s appearance, as though it had never been exposed to toxins; an ultra-effective system against pollution particles, supplemented with essential minerals and vitamins; a unique, radical skin-boosting serum for women of all ages and skin types?
At the heart of the New One Essential, a unique and powerful detoxifying technology eliminates 100% of toxins of external and, for the first time, internal origin that cause skin aging.
Even more powerful: this super serum is the fundamental daily step1 for a boosted regenerating effect. With just one daily dose of its beneficial texture, purify and strengthen your skin even more every day.
Proven and tested by dermatologists: immediately brightened, the skin is fresh, smooth and radiantly beautiful. In 4 weeks only*, signs of aging and fatigue appear reduced
* Satisfaction test, 60 women, 4 weeks, China.