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M.I. Hummel

“Joyful Gifts” (Childhood Memories Collection 2017)
Original Drawing by Sister Hummel

H. 22 x B. 19cm
HK$22,080 (L.E. 1,999 pcs)
Master sculptor : Helmet Fischer
Year : 1989

Three little girls with radiant smiles have their hands full with gifts. The original artwork by Sister Hummel had a German inscription which translates to: I am bringing much love, and I much joy, I strength for the hard time. The phrases are separated by symbols – a heart, a flower, and a bunch of grapes – to correspond with each gift.
The original artwork was given by Sister Hummel to the publishing house, Ars Sacra, likely in the year 1941. It was wartime in Germany and the Siessen Convent was suffering under Nazi regulation.
It is important to understand Joyful Gifts in the context in which the drawing was created. It speaks to the determined spirit of the artist, always striving to inspire joy and happiness, even in times of distress.