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Since 1892, Berard (located in the mountains of Royans, which borders the northern edge of Provence), has specialized in crating true French hand-crafted artisan items for the Kitchen and home. Our Products are sourced from carefully selected woods such as robina wood, beech wood, boxwood, and olive wood.
Every Berard item is produced by respecting the nature that surrounds us, so that the next generation can enjoy the beauty that we have come to know. All of our items in beech wood, box wood or cherry wood are made from FSC certified forests. All of our olivewood come from agricultural orchards. Each tree is cut with respect to the laws that protect each country and the use of olive wood.
Our suppliers are organized so that 100% of the wood is used. We repair the little imperfections in the wood instead of applying a chemical treatment in order to have a uniform and smooth surface. The balance of the wood that is not suitable for production, is used to heat the drying chamber where out products are cured; it is also used as a heating source for our facilities and the buildings in the winter.