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2017 Liuligongfang New collection:
The Heart of Our Great Land : Through the ages, in profusion, with purposefulness, as the sun rises and sets. Spring comes and goes and with it wind and rain. I remain - beautiful as always.
Outlast :  A pure foundation flourishes upward into a body of verdant green Dynamic and vital, I may be commonplace but I will outlast all.
Thrive :  Crisp green, pure white, spring has sprung in every detail. The earth and creatures come to life in a joint celebration. Flourishing, thriving, the time is now.
Flying High :  Green fronds, sharp as swords, Grow upward, skybound. Golden skin, tough like armor, ambition unbridled. Within this resilient form is a heart, gentle and sweet and an elevated consciousness - determined, fearless and brave.
Beauty Within : Prized pearls lie within this intrinsic beauty. These are spheres of wisdom, spheres of love.
Only Sincerity is Everlasting : Honesty is magenta, there is no place to hide. Here, my truth is on full display. Only with understanding, only with awareness, can there be passion everlasting.