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CRISTEL, a brand acknowledged and referenced throughout the International culinary world, thanks to its clever balance between quality, functionality and aesthetics. With nearly two centuries of experience, the brand has been awarded the <> (EPV) label which rewards companies representing the utmost of authenticity, sustainability as well as innovation in French know-how. The human achievement combined with the remarkable technique behind their high-end stainless steel culinary articles, make CRISTEL an ambassador of the quality of French products over the world. Imagined, designed and crafted in Fesches-le-Châtel in Franche-Comté in France, CRISTEL products inspire confidence with <> (OFG) label. The OFG label allows French made products to be more easily identified by consumers, giving transparency on traceability and control. 
Based on an authentic “Cook & Serve” concept, designer Paul Dodane vitalized the brand with elegantly designed multi-functional cookware collections. Utilizing detachable handles, a pan becomes a stew pot, and cooking can be done on any type of stoves including ovens and can be transferred to the dining table as an elegant serving vessel. This design provides further convenience by creating a stackable storage system for pots and pans to store within each other for maximum space saving in the kitchen.