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Helfit Deli

Freshmart, Dining
Location Shop 34, B2/F
Phone 2831 8812
2,186 4
Helfit, consisting of six key elements, namely Horizon–Energy-Leisure-Feel-Ignition-Tune, strives for a physical-mental healthy lifestyle through balance diet and regular exercise. Commonly known of its golden ratio, such lifestyle is composed of three fundamental elements: 70% Nutrition, 20% Exercise and 10% Rest. Effective health management assures us of getting the best of three, in the right proportion. People thought that “healthy” and “tasty” could never co-exist in one dish, but with innovative ideas, Helfit successfully brings them together. While you are enjoying the delicate food, you are gaining the essential nutrients at the same time. We own a globally based health management team with just one simple goal: to bring our clients a sustainable healthy lifestyle. As we believe each person possesses a unique genome which could not be replicated or changed. Hence, we will address your lifestyle preferences, understand your needs, and recommend a personalized portfolio for you. At Helfit, we provide one stop solution to our clients. We create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere at our Helfit Lifestyle Club, where you could join our Yoga class or simply take a break there. After that, you could enjoy the organic and nutrient meal at our Helfit Deli or Helfit Fine Dine. Believe it or not, it is a community where it brings back your peaceful mind and easeful body.

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